Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Deletion stubs - From a NoteID , possible to get the UNID like Notespeek?

With NotesPeek, it is possible to see the UNID of the deleted document. I've check this code , it's seems to be excellent but it only get the document's NoteID , not the UNID.


I'm not able to get the UNID of the deleted document.

So, from a NoteID , is it possible to get the UNID of the document like in NotesPeek?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New features in IBM Lotus iNotes 8.5: Administration policies and lite mode

New features in IBM Lotus iNotes 8.5: Administration policies and lite mode

new Lotus Domino® administration policy capabilities and improvements available in lite mode.



New features in IBM Lotus iNotes 8.5: Full mode

A must read - User experience guidelines for IBM Lotus rich client applications and plug-ins

An excellent document to read, it's really useful.

This white paper describes user-interface design and interaction guidelines for designers and developers who are building IBM® Lotus® Notes® applications, IBM Lotus Sametime® V7.5 or later plug-ins, IBM Lotus Symphony™ plug-ins, IBM Lotus Expeditor plug-ins, or composite applications (assembling any mixture of plug-ins, Lotus Notes applications, and components built with IBM Lotus Component Designer).



Saturday, January 10, 2009

Still exists in 8.5 - Old documents pushed back by replication

You unintentionally replicate your production version of the Lotus Domino Directory with an older replica. Now your production replica contains several person, group, and settings entries that were previously deleted.

How to recover from replicating a current Domino Directory with an old replica

So, the problem still exists in 8.5, so instead of doing it manually, just a little tool to do it:
Tool to find Old documents pushed back by replication

Making Sure Users Replicate


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Export to Excel - With windows OS - Operation failed

This is a bit strange. I do an export to MS-Excel. It's working fine with documents that have OS other than Windows. When it comes to Windows, i have Operation failed....Is this an integration problem with MS own products :-)

Heineken - Differences between man and woman


IBM's technotes - The editor's team - Bunch of comics! :-)

I love the solution:


Notes 8.5 - Designating the Out of Office service type

Specify an Out of Office service type according to whether a server cluster is comprised of IBM® Lotus® Domino® 8 servers, pre-Domino 8 servers, or a combination of both. There are two Out of Office service types, Service and Agent. Use the Out of Office Service for clusters comprised of Domino 8 servers; use the Out of Office Agent for clusters that contain any pre-Domino 8 servers. A mixed cluster of Domino 8 servers and pre-Domino 8 servers requires an Out of Office service type of Agent. Use the field Out of Office service type in the Server Configuration document to control whether users utilize the Out of Office agent or service. By default, the Out of Office service type is Agent.


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

8.5 - Supported LDAP, KeyView filter formats, Web browsers, Smartcard packages

Domino 8.5 - Supported LDAP directory servers
Domino 8.5 - Smartcard packages tested
Domino and Notes 8.5 - KeyView filter formats supported
Notes 8.5 - Web browsers supported

System requirements for Notes, Domino, Administrator, Designer,Traveler

a list of detailed system requirements for the supported releases of Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino, Lotus Domino Administrator, and Lotus Domino Designer.

Domino 8.5 - Detailed system requirements
Lotus Notes 8.5 - Detailed system requirements

From Link

8.5 - Lotus Notes and Domino Installation Guides

Version 8.5: From Link

8.5 - Attachments appear in the header section of a memo or form

Using Lotus Notes, you find that an attachment appears at the top of a document in the header section of a memo or other form. Specific to mail files, this issue may be more apparent when upgrading from a Notes 6.x or 7.x release to Notes 8.5, while your mail file is still based on the earlier release's design. The issue does not occur with all attachments.


Lotus Notes 8.5 Help updates

IBM® Lotus Notes® user interface diverges from Help; Help is missing information.


Notes 8.5 : Is the sample password reset application supported in a production environment?

The Sample Password Reset Application that ships with Notes/Domino 8.5 (PwdResetSample.nsf), contains a sample LotusScript agent called UserPasswordReset that enables users with IDs stored in an ID vault to reset their IBM Lotus Notes passwords from a browser.


For information about setting up a password reset application see the Notes/Domino 8.5 Administrator Help document, Setting up the sample self-service application to allow ID vault users to reset their Notes passwords.

Sales pitch : What's new in the Lotus Notes 8.5 client and Domino 8.5 server

So much to look at, so a good sales pitch.

This white paper guides you through the newly released, innovative, and open features of Notes and Domino 8.5. It is a must-read for any existing or potential user of Lotus Notes and Domino, from the casual user to the administrator or application developer to the line-of-business executive.

In this article

  • What's new in the Lotus Notes 8.5 client

  • What's new in the Lotus Domino 8.5 server


Notes Domino 8.5 - So much to discover...like a kid in a candy store

Holy cow!!! There is so much things to look at, so much buttons to click on. It's hard to see every thing. Many things to discover and then tells to our users!!!

Good job IBM!!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Open source and Lotus : Which templates do you want?

I like the idea of Ian Tree but like many said, i think that there is not much interest from the outside world. In counter parts, I like the proposition made by Philip Storry about the use of templates.

We need more apps in the box with Notes/Domino. Many more. They only need to be basic, but they do need to be there. Expenses, Holiday Booking, a decent Group Calendar, and so forth. We should probably write a long list, wrap it round a brick, and lob it through IBM's window to get their attention. (Metaphorically speaking, of course.)

And all templates shipped with Notes/Domino need to be EXPLICITLY open source.

It's similar to those previous posts,

Rocky Oliver:
Community Question: What templates do you want today?

Kevin Pettitt
What New Templates Would I Like to See Shipped With Domino

Steve Castledine
Lotus Notes Domino templates and open source

I think it's a way to get Notes\Domino recognized by the outside world....Notes can do that too!!

Which template do you want?

Friday, January 02, 2009

Notes\Domino 8.5 is here...


a new entry on the Notes.net\DeveloperWorks web page :-)

I can smell it, it's coming!

Steps for migrating to Notes/Domino 8 from versions 6.5 and 7

Abstract : This technote provides information on migrating to Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino 8 from versions 6.5 and 7.