Monday, December 01, 2008

One of the head Webmaster of DominoArea died prematurely last night...

One of the head Webmaster of DominoArea, Stéphane Maillard, died last night. He was a great contributor to the French Notes community mostly in Europe.

It is a very sad news.

He left this world for joining his beloved who died suddenly in last august...

Rest in peace my friend...


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fiches thématiques How to explain technical contents to your end users

Great documentations that you can give to your end users when you want to explain technical features. It's in french but with the Google translator, it gives good results.

Correction made to Technote: End of Service (EOS) of Lotus 6.5.x is set to 2010

Ahhhhh, finally after almost a month the correction was made to this Technote!! :-)


Do you monitor your server's task (Ex: Compact)?

One of our clients is in a process of implemeting an archiving solution for Domino (Symantec Enterprise Vault). We are on a pilot (20 users). I was doing some checking of their servers after the first weekend of archiving. From a post of David Killingsworth ( Link ), I told to my self, lets see how long it takes to run compact.

From what i've heard, this task had never been monitored. In fact, it was running for almost 72 hours in a row!!! It was running on dbs that were transaction logged. So many DBIID were changed right after the full backup. What a mess!

With a few tweaking and adjustment to the schedule, it went down to just under 5 hours, just before the full backup.

So let's go, do some monitoring!

You could use this tool the search for the start date\end date of your tasks
Search for keywords like those ones: Compacting, recovered, Compactor

W​h​a​t​ ​n​o​t​e​s​.​i​n​i​ ​v​a​r​i​a​b​l​e​s​ ​h​a​v​e​ ​b​e​c​o​m​e​ ​o​b​s​o​l​e​t​e​ ​i​n​ ​N​o​t​e​s​/​D​o​m​i​n​o​ ​8​.​x​?

A few good technotes related to obsolete Notes.ini values

W​h​a​t​ ​n​o​t​e​s​.​i​n​i​ ​v​a​r​i​a​b​l​e​s​ ​h​a​v​e​ ​b​e​c​o​m​e​ ​o​b​s​o​l​e​t​e​ ​i​n​ ​N​o​t​e​s​/​D​o​m​i​n​o​ ​8​.​x​?
What notes.ini file variables are now obsolete in Notes/Domino

Related information
Obsolete notes.ini variables in Notes/Domino 7.x
Obsolete notes.ini variables in Notes/Domino 6.5

Thursday, November 13, 2008

How can a client avoid being affected by a Domino server hang?


When a Domino server hangs, or is unresponsive to a client request, the Lotus Notes client may not fail over to another server in the cluster. The client will also appear hung with a "lightening bar" in the lower left corner of the screen. This can happen when the Domino server is accepting TCPIP requests from clients but is unable to process the request. If the Domino server system responds to the client request, the client will NOT attempt failover to the Domino Cluster server.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Troubleshooting missing documents and corruption in a database

This document contains steps a Domino administrator should take to troubleshoot why documents are missing from a database.

Resolving the problem

The following steps should be taken to troubleshoot why documents are missing from a database:


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Finding Lotus Protector for Mail Security Knowledge Articles

Where are legacy and new Knowledge Articles for Lotus Protector for Mail Security located?

See the following Link

Monday, November 03, 2008

Frequently asked question - How to analyze Notes/Domino NSDs? NSD Analyzer V2.7 available

Lotus Notes Diagnostic is an unsupported utility that you can download and use to automatically perform repetitive tasks associated with analyzing files from a Lotus® Domino® server crash, hang, or performance issues.


Saturday, November 01, 2008

Balls of steal!!

Old Group B, more than 500Hp!!!

Right click, save as :-)


Reconsidering physical key secrecy: teleduplication via optical decoding

Researchers from the University of San Diego (Benjamin Laxton, Kai Wang and Stefan Savage) developed Sneakey, a system that correctly decoded keys from an image that was taken from the rooftop of a four floor building. In this case the image was taken from 195 feet. This demonstration shows that a motivated attacker can covertly steal a victim's keys without fear of detection.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Spy Fears: Twitter Terrorists, Cell Phone Jihadists

Could Twitter become terrorists' newest killer app? A draft Army intelligence report, making its way through spy circles, thinks the miniature messaging software could be used as an effective tool for coordinating militant attacks.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

2009...2010..2009 - End of Service (EOS) of Lotus Enterprise Integrator, Notes, and Domino 6.5.x

End of Service (EOS) of Lotus 6.5.x
Is it 2009, not wait a minute, it is 2010.. no,no 2009!!

so 2009 or 2010?

Technote -Link

Link to Ed Brill

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Technique : Anti-virus and Symantec Enterprise Vault


I'm currently working on the implementation of an archiving solution for our Domino based emails system and our Files System (FSA). The solution is based on Symantec Enterprise Vault. (

It's a big system ($$$$$$$).For the Domino side, we had a lot of difficulties due mainly to performance. We were able to archive but we were unable to preview the document. No an ideal solution for our users! The message was "Network operation did not complete in a reasonable amount of time; please retry".

We found out that it was related to our anti-virus . It's based on Mcafee Groupshield. But from our research, we can say that it's not a vendor's problem.

Anyway, we've disabled all the Anti-virus processes from the Domino server. As we've seen , It was working great, it was very fast!!!
Came back to the config of Groupshield to find out that some settings were doing real-time scanning.

So a good recommandation for Domino is to disable any real-time tasks for the Gateway Domino server when you have an archiving system like Enterprise Vault.

For the File system side, we still have an issue with performance...still trying to find out what's happening...cause it's actually a show stopper!!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Metallica's new album

I'm listening to the new Metallica's album i've received at my birthday , Death Magnetic....mmmmm, I love it.

Hope they're gonna come to Quebec city

Monday, September 15, 2008

Can you use Domino policies to control how users can work with Lotus Symphony?

Can policies in IBM Lotus Domino server be used to control how users can work with IBM Lotus Symphony (Presentations, Documents, Spreadsheets)?


Errors occur when upgrading to Notes 8.0.2- First time setup of Lotus Notes 8.0.2

The errors shown below occur when you upgrade to the Lotus Notes® 8.0.2 release from 8.0.1 with CCH1 (Cumulative Client Hotfix) installed. After the installation, the Notes client will not run.

Technote #1316968 "Errors occur when upgrading to Notes 8.0.2"

In the Lotus Notes® 8.0.2 (Standard Configuration) client, users are prompted with both the Lotus Notes Instant Messaging user interface and the Sametime® Connect 8.0 interface during client configuration, login and first time setup, and upgrades.

Technote #1317775 "First time setup of Lotus Notes 8.0.2 shows both user
login interfaces for Sametime instant messaging"

Friday, September 12, 2008

What happens when someone replace the design of the NAB with a PAB?

A very big week!!!! Someone manage to replace the design of the public address book with a personal address book. What a nightmare!!!!

The biggest problem was with the routing. By chance, our users were still able to connect to our servers.

Note to myself : Remove the manager access of that person :-)


Thursday, September 04, 2008

BBC News : Google tweaks Chrome licence text

Google has rescinded an article of the user agreement for its new browser, Chrome, released on Tuesday.

The initial agreement claimed rights over "any Content which you submit, post or display on or through" the browser.

Google reworded the agreement on Wednesday, leaving those rights in the hands of Chrome's users.


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Suffer from " discomgoogolation "?

LONDON (Reuters Life!) - Feeling stressed or anxious at an inability to access the Internet? Don't worry, you're not alone and now there's a word for it: "discomgoogolation".


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Domino 8.5 - Is it available for the public yet? Here's a link...

Yeah, it's not the source code but here's a link to the 8.5 help file (Admin, CLient, Traveler)


Linux vs Microsoft : Quebec Gov Sued For Ignoring Free Software

"The CBC is reporting that 'Quebec's open-source software association is suing the provincial government, saying it is giving preferential treatment to Microsoft Corp. by buying the company's products rather than using free alternatives. ...Government buyers are using an exception in provincial law that allows them to buy directly from a proprietary vendor when there are no options available, but Facil said that loophole is being abused and goes against other legal requirements to buy locally.' The group also has a press release in English."


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Anyone got infos (Documentation, PDF, etc) to integrate Domino and AtSignOn - RSA

ATSignOn enables secure access to Lotus databases, files and URL directories with two-factor authentication.

Hands on experience with product?
Things to watch?


Thank you,


IBM : Every New Car Will Be a Hybrid by 2020

That vision of the future is laid out in "Automotive 2020: Clarity Beyond the Chaos," (.pdf) by the IBM Institute for Business Value. The report, based on interviews with 125 auto industry executives in 15 countries, says the industry is on the cusp of revolutionary changes that will see environmental sustainability and technological innovation become top priorities as automakers respond to consumer demands for more efficient cars that don't sacrifice performance, comfort or reliability.


Cisco Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire PostPath

PostPath's Email and Calendaring Software to Enhance Cisco's WebEx Collaboration Platform

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - August 27, 2008) - Building upon its commitment to provide a comprehensive collaboration portfolio, Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) today announced its intent to acquire privately held PostPath, Inc., a provider of innovative email and calendaring software. Based in Mountain View, Calif. with additional development operations in Sofia, Bulgaria, PostPath will enhance the existing email and calendaring capabilities of Cisco's WebEx Connect collaboration platform.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

HP Completes $13.9 Billion Acquisition of EDS

HP today announced that it has completed its acquisition of Electronic Data Systems Corporation (EDS), creating a leading force in technology services.

With this acquisition, initially announced on May 13 and valued at an enterprise value of approximately $13.9 billion, HP has one of the technology industry's broadest portfolios of products, services and end-to-end solutions. The combined offerings are focused on helping clients accelerate growth, mitigate risks and lower costs.

The acquisition is, by value, the largest in the IT services sector and the second largest in the technology industry, following HP's acquisition of Compaq, which closed in 2002. The companies' collective services businesses, as of the end of each company's 2007 fiscal year, had annual revenues of more than $38 billion and 210,000 employees, operating in more than 80 countries.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Documents related to Reservation database (Set up, move, troubleshoot, etc)

Here's a list of documents related to the Reservation database from



Technotes related to archives and DWA.

Archive debug logging levels described for Lotus Notes and Domino

What are the various levels of archive logging available in IBM® Lotus Notes® and Domino® using notes.ini parameter "log_archiving="? What type of output does these settings produce?

About "log archiving=11"

Server crashes when running 'load compact -a' after setting archive parameter

Do folders in Domino Web Access display an unread documents count?

When using Lotus® Domino® Web Access, is there a way for you to know which folders contain unread documents? Can the folder display a count of the number of unread documents within the folder?

Archive files accessed through DWA only on home mail server The administrator has assigned a policy to archive data but if the policy specifies to archive on a server other than the home mail server, users cannot access the archive file.

Does Domino Web Access support the use of policies? Is the use of Policies supported with
Lotus® Domino® Web Access (iNotes? Web Access)?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Notes 8.5 - Web Application templates - What will it be?

I wonder what are those web applications...
From the blog entry Link
Will it be one of those?? From Rocky Oliver's blog entry
Community Question: What templates do you want today?

Any news?? - Notes 8 installation fails when Notes data directory resides on network file share

Do someone have a real working workaround for this problem?

Look at my link in this post: Link


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How to automatically run an agent on a Domino server at startup

You want an agent to automatically run each time a Lotus Domino® server starts up. How can this be accomplished?


Menu mappings: Where to find Notes 6/7 menus that have changed in Notes 8.x

This technote maps menu choices in Notes 6.x/7.x to the equivalent menu choices in Notes 8.x


Frequently Asked Questions: Using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with Notes/Domino

This document answers the most frequently-asked questions about using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and the Certificate Authority (CA) process with Lotus Notes/Lotus Domino, with links to additional resources.


HSBC and BlackBerry

One of the most important financial company in the world will choose the BlackBerry instead of the IPhone. They have more than 200 000 employees equipped with a BB.

Link In french,


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

If you need to clean up your screen

Lotus Inotes on Apple IPhone...Planned for delivery in 2008

Bring IBM® Lotus® Domino® email, calendar, and contacts to your Apple iPhone. Planned for delivery in 2008 as IBM Lotus iNotes™ software, Lotus Notes data will combine with the flexibility and connectivity of the Apple iPhone. To be built on the time tested IBM Lotus Domino Web Access infrastructure, users will be able to quickly access email, calendars, and contacts through the rich Apple iPhone user experience.



What ACL rights should be granted to a Domino system administrator

What ACL rights should be granted to a Domino system administrator

Your Lotus® Domino® environment is maintained by a team of system administrators, and you need to grant only the minimum level of database access control to each member that is absolutely required for her to fulfill her duties.

What are the guidelines for granting ACL-level access to Domino system administrators?

Monday, August 11, 2008

A few good technotes

IBM Lotus Notes Traveler 8.0.1 - Troubleshooting

MustGather: Email/PIM synchronization problems with Lotus Notes Traveler

Mail rule issues with Notes/Domino mail template

Unable to print or export from the Files tab in the Domino Administration Client

How to run NSD manually for Notes running on a Citrix server

Password changes fail in consolidated Names & Address Book

Enhancement Request to have the "Update My Meetings Button" document transferred to early versions of Resource template

When is the AdminP "Accelerated Create Replica" feature used?

Creating a new replica sets all documents to unread if the creator has Manager access to the database

When do changes made to the current document, using back-end classes, refresh on screen?

Lotus product support for Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC)

DWA: What iNotes template build ships with each Domino server?

Server Health Monitoring tool not generating reports in dommon.nsf

Personal groups automatically expand to list all members

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Transaction Logging 101

Two excellent references about Transaction Logging

Knowledge Collection: Transaction Logging on a Domino server


Notes/Domino Best Practices: Transaction Logging


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Paul McCartney Set to Rock Quebec City with a Free Concert to Celebrate Their 400th Anniversary

Paul McCartney will perform his first live show in Canada since 2005 when he will lead the city of Québec in celebrations for their 400th anniversary on the 20th of July. The free concert will take place in one of the world’s most prestigious and historic city parks, The Plains Of Abraham, the site of many clashes between the French and British empires in the 18th century.


The 400th Anniversary of Quebec city

I'm finally set

We've finally moved into our new home.....exhausted...but happy!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The 400th Anniversary of Quebec city

The 400th Anniversary of Quebec city is underway. Come in Quebec city

Look at all the activities-- Link

Especially the Image mill, look at the Slideshow
the first test : Link

The Image Mill is a sort of animated mosaic that, moving from engravings to paintings and from photos to videos, creates an impressionistic portrait of the city over time. The work will consist of four movements corresponding to the city’s four centuries of history: waterways, the age of exploration and discovery; road building, clearing and developing the land; the railroad and industrial expansion; and finally, the age of air travel and the development of communications

The production will draw on all the technological expertise and experience that Ex Machina brings to the integration of images to the narrative.

These 81 silos measure 600 metres long by 30 metres high. Twenty-seven video projectors, 20,000 lumens each, will project millions of pixels onto Bunge’s south and west façades. With 238 spotlights, 203 of which are DEL, and 329 speakers in place, the audience will be able to see the show from several viewpoints: from the Château Frontenac to the Marie-Guyard building, from the ramparts to the Louise Basin piers, Espace 400e and the south shore of the St. Lawrence River.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Troubleshooting memory leaks with 'show memory allocated'

While using trapleaks you can use a console command to show the allocated memory. It will show the allocated per-process memory and the allocated shared memory allocated in IBM Lotus Domino.

This command is used to track potential memory leaks on demand without requiring the server to be shut down. Note that blocks reported by this command are not guaranteed to be leaks, but show what blocks of a given block type are allocated at any given time. To confirm possible leaks, the server will need to be shutdown to invoke trapleaks debug.

Technote 1195148

Friday, June 20, 2008

Technotes related to Domino Tuning, Sizing, Clusters, Mobile, MAC

A few technotes related to Domino sizing, tuning, Unread marks for clustered servers,
Mobile devices and Sametime on a MAC

IBM Europe Sizewise - Sizing Support - Sizing Questionnaires
Abstract: A sizing is an approximation of the hardware resources required to support a specific software implementation. Sizing questionnaires are available to help you gather customer
requirements, which can then be submitted to Sizewise Europe for assistance from experienced specialists with sizing select IBM software applications.

Does the Notes Macintosh client support instant messaging?

Behavior of Domino Web server when Internet Sites enabled but no Internet Site document

Unread marks are not exchanged during replication

Unread marks appear correctly on primary mail server but incorrectly on clustered replica

Utilizing Windows Mobile Applications with Lotus Mobile Connect over ActiveSync

Domino Tuning Parameters in notes.ini

Monday, June 16, 2008

Information Overload Research Group

Information Overload Research Group Link

Never heard of this initiative regrouping Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Google. Have you?

The mission:
We work together to build awareness of the world's greatest challenge to productivity, conduct research, help define best practices, contribute to the creation of solutions, share information and resources, offer guidance and facilitation, and help make the business case for fighting information overload...


De grandes entreprises technologiques, dont Intel, Google, Microsoft et IBM, se sont alliées pour tenter de réduire le temps que les gens passent à gérer le trop plein d'informations qui leur parvient de leur ordinateur ou leur téléphone. Via Cyberpresse

Friday, June 13, 2008

How to find mail in the Trash folder of an old mail database

In Lotus Notes®, when you open an old copy of a mail database that is supposed to have messages in the Trash folder, no messages appear.
Is there any way to recover these messages?

With this little hack, the answer maybe yes

Sorry, link missing


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Email archiving -Should we use quotas too?


I'm currently working on the deployment of Symantec Enterprise Vault. I've suggested to my client to use quotas on mail files. He told me, why we use archiving , so our mail files will be smaller.

My point is that the system will archive every pieces of crap (Personal MP3, Movies, things not related to work). With quotas, peoples would have to say: mmmmmm, do I have to keep this.

What do you think? Should be remove every quotas?

Thank you,


Monday, June 09, 2008

Gas Prices

It's now about 6$ a gallon (1,51\liter) here in Quebec city! Damn! Good images related to this issue

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

IBM Lotus Notes Traveler 8.0.1 - Limitations and restrictions

Interesting technote about the known restrictions and limitations for Lotus Notes® Traveler


Are you afraid of heights?

El camino del Rey

Originally built in 1901, this walkway now serves as an aproach to makinodromo, the famous climbing sector of El Chorro.

How to Set Up a Notes Client without User Intervention Using a Scriptable Setup

Have you ever used this feature? Technote : 1112835


I think it's working well. I've used it for two of my clients and the ROI is very important
In my case, the user's DATA\ are located on a network drive so it's easy to configure those Notes clients.
I send NTF, Images, UserID, ini in the personal network . With the current user's info, i populate the Setup file
While in my script, the archive database is created
At the end , a welcome message is sent to the new users.
They can click a button to completely finich the setup
Total Elapse time, approx 1minute per user

When you start you Notes client, you only have the message Notes configuration finished

No more Next button!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Support information for RIM's Blackberry Server (BES) for Notes/Domino 8

IBM and RIM have conducted joint product testing over the past few months with Lotus® Notes® and Domino® 8 and BlackBerry® Enterprise Server. ... The IBM and RIM teams have been working closely together to ensure that our customers receive a timely delivery of supported products.


Sunday, June 01, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the 8.x Notes Mail "Inbox Maintenance" Feature

This document contains a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and details about the Lotus Notes®/Lotus Domino® 8.x Mail "Inbox Maintenance" feature, also sometimes referred to as the "Inbox Cleanup" feature.


When removing user from Domino, there is no way to remove or reassign their reservations

If you delete a user from the Lotus® Domino® Directory, reservations the user has made in the Domino Resource Reservations database will remain the same (that is, they will stay reserved by that user). There is no way to automatically transfer the reservations to another user (chairperson) or delete the reservations.



From the first comment,the link to IdeaJam is here

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Notes.Net forums : Faq of Faq links - Should it be added back?

My answer is YES!

Is there a reason why the Faq of Faq links (From Doug Finner) is not there anymore?


It should be added back to the web site.

Also, it would be great to add a link to the Crispy initiative from Andre Guirard (IBM)



Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Database Redirection tool

Have you ever used this new feature?

What's new in the Lotus Domino V8 server Link

A new Database Redirection function automatically fixes broken links to moved or deleted applications. Redirection markers are created by default, and a new tool (see figure 11) lets an administrator create or modify redirects manually. When a Lotus Notes client accesses a redirection marker, if the file has been moved the reference is replaced; if the file has been deleted, the reference is deleted. (Database redirects are used only by Lotus Notes V8 clients, not by servers.) The tool lets administrators assign references to particular users or groups, making redirection role-based.


Is it possible to recall messages in Domino Web Access 8?

In an Lotus Notes/Domino® 8 environment that is configured to allow Message Recall, the Lotus Notes® 8 client offers a few ways to recall a sent message including:
In Lotus® Domino® Web Access (iNotes™ Web Access) 8, however, the user interface (UI) does not display an action button or a right-click menu option for recalling a message. Is Message Recall supported in Domino Web Access (DWA) 8?

Answer Domino Web Access supports the message recall feature starting with Domino version 8.0.1. Note that there are some additional considerations:...


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Free Proofpoint Report on Outbound Email Security and Data Loss Prevention

Not directly related to Lotus but an interesting report. Registration is required

How concerned are companies about the content of email leaving their organizations? And how do companies manage the legal and financial risks associated with outbound email? To find out, Proofpoint and Forrester Consulting (a division of leading analyst firm Forrester) conducted an
online survey of technology decision makers at 424 large companies - in the US, UK, Germany, France and Australia - during March 2008.

This report summarizes the findings of Proofpoint's fifth-annual email security and data loss prevention study, including surprising statistics about how large companies manage the risks associated with outbound email, blog postings, media sharing sites, social networking sites, mobile Internet-connected devices and other electronic communications streams.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Troubleshoot blackberry devices

Have you ever had problems troubleshooting Blackberry devices?

Here's a few links that will help you.

First, the Blackberry 101 for Domino

Eight best practices for running BlackBerry Enterprise Server on Lotus Notes Domino
(Michael Kinder ),289483,sid4_gci1269929,00.html

BES For Lotus Notes Troubleshooting

And finally, if you want to have a return receipt that will confirm that the device
received you message, just use this trick

Add <$Confirm> in the SUbject of your mail message

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Steps for migrating from Notes/Domino 7.x to Notes/Domino 8.x

Very good technotes
This document contains the recommended procedure for migrating from Notes/Domino 7.x to 8.x.

IBM - Making modifications to Notes System Templates

IBM Lotus strongly recommends that careful consideration be given before any modifications are made to any template, especially the Domino Directory.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Knowledge Collection: Lotus Notes and Domino mail rules

A really good technote:

Knowledge Collection: Lotus Notes and Domino mail rules

This Knowledge Collection serves as a source of key documents regarding Lotus Notes® and Domino® mail rules. This includes Block Sender rules, Server mail rules, and Domino Web Access mail rules.

Server mail rules
Notes mail rules
Domino Web Access mail rules
Block Sender rules
Additional mail rule references

Monday, May 19, 2008

How to analyze Notes/Domino NSDs? NSD Analyzer V2.6

How to analyze Notes/Domino NSDs? NSD Analyzer V2.6
a new version of the Lotus Notes Diagnostic Tool (Nsd Analyzer) is available here : Link
From : Link

Friday, May 16, 2008

Windows Server 2008 potholes snag Exchange, in-place upgrades

From Network world

Users planning to run Microsoft Exchange on Windows Server 2008 and those contemplating
in-place upgrades of the new server operating system coming out next week may face
installation problems unless they heed specific advice from Microsoft.

The vendor is already warning users that the RTM version of Exchange 2007 cannot be
installed on Windows Server 2008 and that it is impossible to do an in-place upgrade to
Windows Server 2008 on a server running Exchange 2007 SP1.

Microsoft also has said "rolling upgrades" of failover clusters for Exchange are

Microsoft has published three migration options, including one long set of steps around
off-loading data, uninstalling and reinstalling numerous Exchange components.


Microsoft officials say in-place upgrades are not considered a best practice [for
Microsoft products] and that most large IT shops do thorough testing before deployment.

In addition, Hinrichs said Windows Server 2008 installs will likely [hopefully] be done
on new hardware or hardware wiped clean for new installs.

Free tool on OpenNtf - Find all design elements signed by an id

A little tool that will help you find all the design elements in your databases located
on a specific server?

You can add exclusions for databases or folders that you don't want to scan (Mail\,
Help\, Admin4,nsf, etc)

You can then sort the results by Server, By signer, By design element, etc.

It's very useful when an Admin no longer works for your company but many designe elements
(agents , scripts libraires,e tc) were signed with his ID.

Topic discussed here on

Lotus R8 Desktop Policy Settings

Unexpected Desktop Policy settings pushed to clients after upgrade to Domino 8

After upgrading to Lotus Domino 8, all mail messages are sent as encrypted and Notes
users receive 'scan for unread' message when loading the client

Where Have All The Emails Gone?

Where Have All The Emails Gone?

The worrisome implications of the Mexican theft of White House BlackBerry devices

An elephant never forgets? George W. Bush's lost e-mails

Court Expands White House Missing E-Mail Order

Troubleshoot policy documents

From the abstract:

This document is part of a collection of documents designed to help administrators better
understand how to create, configure and troubleshoot Lotus® Domino® policies. The topic
of this document, which includes an accompanying video, is troubleshooting policy
settings documents.

Internet password

New Internet password is not immediately usable

Newly created Web user unable to log in for five minutes or longer

Have you ever noticed then we you go to a Domino based website and sign up for an account
you typically have to wait a few minutes for your account to become
active?..............While this might not seem to present itself as a problem,
organizations with large directories would see a significant performance hit on their
boxes each and every time the cache was reset and reloaded with current information....

Performance basics for IBM Lotus Notes developers

A must read document about performance... it's THE reference
Performance basics for IBM Lotus Notes developers

What methods are available to determine if additional mailboxes are needed on a Lotus Domino® server?

What methods are available to determine if additional mailboxes are needed on a Lotus Domino® server?

DocLink support with Domino - Password manager for BB

It sounds (unofficially) like BES 4.1.6 is in the pipeline and for Domino folks Doclink
support, Sametime 8 and Connections Client are the current highlights.

Free password keeper application from BlackBerry

Friday, April 25, 2008

Propagating stationary across and entire organization

From a post and IdeaJam

Some people would like to propagate prebuilt stationary to all mail clients across an entire organization

Here's a little solution that can be done by script

With a form like this one:

You could send a specific stationary to every users of a specific server or choose a list of mail files or mail folders.

Then, you only need to select which stationary you want to send.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Die Hard - Deciphering a server crash

Die Hard - Deciphering a server crash

From the Lotusphere 2008

a great presentation from
Franziska Whitlock Wave Technology
Paul Mooney Blue Wave Technology

NSD Express - Fault Analysis in 5 Minutes Daniel Nashed (Nash!Com)

Lotusphere 2008 - Emergence

SpeedGeeking Session

NSD Express - Fault Analysis in 5 Minutes Daniel Nashed (Nash!Com)


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cluster management

From IdeaJam : Link

There is currently no way, without programming something, to verify that the quota settings of cluster replicas are the same. If we can identify where cluster replicas have differant quota's, either with cluster analysis or an Admin view, then we could correct inconsistancies. Alternatively, if there was a way to designate a primary server and "push" the cluster settings to all cluster replicas, that would be convenient.

There is a lot of manual hacks when you have this kind of problems. (Replication history, Show stat, add cluster replicator task, etc)
From : Link

But first, you MUST know that you have a problem.
To reslove this issue, i have made an application to do this for you. The db is fully dynamic, no hard-coded cluster name, you have a configuration document.

From a scan document, you must select the cluster that you want to scan. You can run it in a manual mode or a schedule one (If you have trusted servers)

After the agent is run, you have multiples views that will identify for you the dbs that are not in sync, over quota, replica id differents, etc.

Here's an example of a log document:

In this example, you can see that there is a difference, in the trash folder, between the 2 replicas,

You can then , via a button, clear the replication history and initiate a replication between those replicas.

If the problems was a difference in your quota, you have another option that allows you to modify the quota and warning on every replicas of your mail files.


Monday, March 03, 2008

Gestion de la messagerie Lotus Notes

Note: Si vous désirez plus de détails, laissez moi un message. Une version d'essais est disponible.


L’utilisation de la messagerie et les impératifs légaux concernant les données transitant sur les infrastructures, le volume de données à gérer devient de plus en plus important. Une des avenues envisagées, est l’utilisation de bases d’archives pour les utilisateurs.

L'implantation de l'archivage doit se faire conjointement avec l'implantation des quotas ainsi que la définition de règles claires dans l'utilisation des systèmes de messagerie car peu importe le système de messagerie, il ne faut pas déplacer le problème en donnant encore plus d'espace sur un autre serveur.

Ces règles claires devraient s’accompagner d’audits périodiques des serveurs de messagerie afin de connaître la nature des courriers qui transitent sur les infrastructures. Il faut connaître l'utilisation que les usagers en font, et ce, même si on prend pour acquis que ce qu'ils font est strictement relié au travail. L’utilisation de la messagerie s’en trouve optimisée sachant que les infrastructures ne se trouvent pas engorgées avec des fichiers de nature personnelle.

Ceci permet aussi d’établir le type d’activités engendrées sur les serveurs afin de définir entre autre des quotas appropriés. Car si les quotas sont trop bas et que les utilisateurs n’ont pas une archive de taille suffisante, ils seront portés à détruire les messages afin de gagner de l’espace. Ce faisant, un organisme perd énormément de « mémoire d'entreprise ».

Lorsque la nature des courriers qui transitent est connue, on peut tenter d'établir un taux de croissance de cette utilisation ce qui permet par exemple de prévoir les frais d’acquisition d’un SAN.

Afin d’effectuer les audits périodiques, voici un outil vous permettant de gérer la messagerie Lotus Notes.


Cette base permet d’effectuer un audit des courriels présents dans les bases de courriers Lotus Notes. Ces audits peuvent s’effectuer sur les sujets des messages ou encore sur les fichiers attachés présents dans les messages.

Lorsqu’une recherche par fichiers est effectuée, cela permet de recenser entre autre le nombre, la taille et le type de fichiers attachés présents dans les boîtes de courriers. Il est ensuite possible d’y poser diverses actions.

Les avantages de ce type de traitements sont nombreux :
• Permet de retracer les personnes ayant pu recevoir ou envoyer des fichiers à contenu douteux ou encore contenant des virus.
• Permet de mieux gérer votre bande passante en évitant le transfert de fichiers volumineux occasionnant parfois des pertes de service chez vos autres utilisateurs générant ainsi une perte de productivité.
• Permet aussi de prévoir la croissance de votre besoin d’espace disque.

Dans les environnements faisant appel aux grappes de courriers, l’envoi de fichiers volumineux peut ralentir la synchronisation des grappes car la tâche responsable de ce traitement n’est pas prioritaire.

Fonctionnement de l’application

Les recherches peuvent être effectuées de 3 façons:

Ad hoc
L'administrateur roule le script à partir de son poste de travail.

Planification étendue

La base est déployée sur tous les serveurs.

Planification centralisée
Si l’environnement analysé ne comprend que des serveurs Lotus Domino de version 6.X et plus, il est possible d’accéder aux bases situées sur un autre serveur à partir d’un point centralisé. (Onglet serveur, section Serveurs accrédités)

Cette application est utilisée conjointement avec une base de Gestion d’erreurs permettant de recueillir entre autre toutes les erreurs d’accès aux bases de courriers.

Les recherches sont effectuées au moyen d’un document de pilotage. Ce document spécifie les paramètres de l’analyse désirée.

La personne responsable doit d’abord sélectionner le nom des serveurs à analyser au moyen de cases à cocher lui permettant de sélectionner un ou des serveurs.

Cette liste de noms de serveurs est dynamique.

Elle est bâtie selon une table de pilotage présente dans l’application.

La personne responsable doit sélectionner le type de recherches

Par liste de fichiers,
L’analyse peut se faire sur des fichiers précis sur le ou les serveurs sélectionnés

Par liste de répertoires,
L’analyse peut se faire sur des répertoires précis sur le ou les serveurs sélectionnés

Par Utilisateurs des serveurs spécifiés,
L’analyse est effectuée sur toutes les bases de courriers actives, définies au carnet d’adresses public, sur le ou les serveurs sélectionnés

Par la suite, la personne responsable doit déterminer les critères suivants:

Il faut déterminer le mode de recherches désiré.

Deux modes sont possibles :

Mode correction :
Effectuera les actions demandées.

Mode Rapport :
Ne posera aucune action même si par exemple, vous spécifiez qu’il faut détruire le message

Type de traitement

Trois de traitements sont disponibles.

Analyse des fichiers TOUS
Ce type de traitement analysera tous les courriers pour détecter la présence d’un fichier attaché quel qu’il soit.

Analyse du sujet :
Ce type de traitement effectuera une correspondance entre un critère de recherches précis et le champ Sujet de tous les courriers électroniques.

Analyse d'un nom de fichier :
Ce type de traitement effectuera une correspondance entre un critère de recherches précis et tous les noms de fichiers contenus dans les courriers électroniques

Note : Pour les recherches par fichiers, il est possible de spécifier la taille minimale des fichiers à analyser. Cette valeur est en kilo-octets.
Tous les fichiers plus grands que ce nombre seront considérés

Nom de la pièce \ Chaîne de recherche du sujet
À utiliser conjointement avec le type de traitement « Analyse du sujet » ou « Analyse d’un nom de fichier ».

Actions à poser

Supprimer le message :
Le message sera supprimé de la boîte de courriers

Supprimer le fichier :
Dans le cas d’une recherche par type de fichiers, seul le fichier correspondant au critère voulu sera supprimé.

Section : Désirez-vous envoyer une communication aux utilisateurs?

Pour tous les traitements effectués selon le tableau de bord, il est possible de notifier les utilisateurs pour lequel un traitement a été effectué.

Cette notification est réalisée au moyen d’un module alimenté à partir de modèles pré-établis via une table de pilotage.

Au niveau du tableau de bord, vous devez choisir le modèle de courriers à utiliser :

Le modèle est rempli sous cette forme

Lors de l’envoi du rapport aux utilisateurs, ces derniers reçoivent le message que vous aurez défini. À cette notification est aussi greffé un rapport décrivant les fichiers sujets trouvés ainsi que l’état de ce message (Ex : Message ou fichier supprimé)


Dans toutes les recherches effectuées, un document est généré pour tous les courriers électroniques correspondant aux critères de recherches. Par la suite, il est possible de naviguer au travers des différentes vues de la base pour y visionner les résultats entre autre les recherches par sujet, par fichiers et les actions posées.

Si vous désirez plus de détails, laissez moi un message

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tool to search log.nsf (Lotus) database

On OpenNtf


This database will help you to search log.nsf for a specific error message or string for a given period of time and display the result in one document. It is designed to help support person to view specific error occurrences on a given server without opening multiple log documents.

This database is based mainly on this one:


Except the UI, you can now search for mail routing events and replication events

This database is much faster than the tool form the admin console

Making Sure Users Replicate

Related to this post:
Tool to find Old documents pushed back by replication


From breakingpar

Making Sure Users Replicate

With a distributed application like Notes, one of the problems is that someone can have a local replica and not replicate for a while. This can cause problems like previously deleted documents reappearing, or replication conflicts. This tip describes one way of reminding users to replicate at least somewhat frequently. If the user hasn't replicated in a week or more, they are reminded to replicate so they'll have the latest information.

The problem becomes "how do you know how long it's been since this user has replicated"? I'm sure there are other ways to do this, but the way I use is to keep a profile document on the server with today's date. A scheduled agent, set up for 12:15 AM every day, updates the profile document. So, whenever the user replicates, they'll have a profile document with the date they last replicated. That profile document is never updated on the local replica - only on the server version. It makes it pretty easy to know the last date they replicated by looking at the profile and comparing it to today's date.

So, let's start by taking a look at the agent. It's a scheduled agent, set to run on the server (just choose 1 server if you're in an environment where your applications are on multiple servers for load balancing purposes), and set to run at 12:15 AM every day. Here's the code:

Sub Initialize
Dim session As New NotesSession
Dim db As NotesDatabase
Dim profile As NotesDocument
Set db = session.CurrentDatabase
Set profile = db.GetProfileDocument("CurrentDate")
Call profile.ReplaceItemValue("CurrentDate", Today)
Call profile.Save(True, False, True)
End Sub

The name of the profile is CurrentDate and the field on the profile with today's date is also called CurrentDate.

When the database is opened, I check that profile document and compare it to today's date. This tells me how long it has been since the user has replicated. If it's been a long time (more than 60 days) since the user replicated, they are told to replicate immediately. There are even some applications that prevent user access if it's been more than 60 days since they replicated. But that's beyond the scope of this tip. If it's been a little while (more than 7 days) then I give a different warning message suggesting the user replicates. Here's the database PostOpen code:

Sub Postopen(Source As Notesuidatabase)
Dim session As New NotesSession
Dim db As NotesDatabase
Dim profile As NotesDocument
Dim msg As String
Dim eval As Variant
Set db = session.CurrentDatabase
If db.Server = "" Then
msg = ""
Set profile = db.GetProfileDocument("CurrentDate")
If Not profile.HasItem("CurrentDate") Then
msg = "You have not replicated with the server in a while. Please replicate"
msg = msg & " to ensure you have all the latest design and document"
msg = msg & " information."
eval = Evaluate({@Integer((@Now - CurrentDate) / 86400)}, profile)
If eval(0) > 60 Then
msg = "You have not replicated with the server in at least a couple of months."
msg = msg & " You should replicate IMMEDIATELY to ensure you have all"
msg = msg & " the latest design and document information."
Elseif eval(0) > 7 Then
msg = "You have not replicated with the server in at least a week. You should"
msg = msg & " replicate to ensure you have all the latest design and"
msg = msg & " document information."
End If
End If
If msg <> "" Then
Msgbox msg, 48, "Please Replicate"
End If
End If
End Sub

The code first checks to see if the user is on a local replica. If they're already on the server, then I don't need to check the profile. So I only check if the server is blank which indicates they are on a local replica. Next, I get a handle to the profile document. Note that with profile documents, if the profile document doesn't exist, it will be created. So that's why I check for the field being present - if the field is missing then the profile document did not previously exist in the user's local replica. So I want to give a warning message to replicate just to make sure they have the server's profile document for future reference.

If the field does exist, that field holds the date their version was last updated. So I compare it to today's date and see how many days it's been (dividing by 86,400 or the number of seconds in one day). If that has been more than 60 days, then I'm going to give the user the "immediately" message. If it's been more than 7 days I give a slightly less stern message.

If one of the checks resulted in the variable msg being updated, then that prompt is given to the user.

So that's how I implement a check to make sure that users keep up with their local replicas. I will point out if it's been more than 60 days since the user last replicated, there are different ways to make sure the user doesn't use the application - which forces them to replicate. One way is to have some PostOpen code in every view that closes the view immediately if it's been more than 60 days since they replicated. Another way is to hide action buttons if it's been too long since they replicated. You can also prevent the opening of documents if it's been too long since they replicated - this is done through the form QueryOpen event.

Tool to find Old documents pushed back by replication

Just a quick one from OpenNtf

Tool to find Old documents pushed back by replication

A big problem encountered by many users:


Tool to find Old documents or deleted documents pushed back to server by replication

This db allows you to find the Added to file date of all person documents in your NAB.

The search is done against the Mail Users views.

In your search , you have to specify which mail servers (From your mail users view) to look at.

Find Old documents or deleted documents pushed back to server by replication

Deleted documents are reappearing after replication

It's possible to find them by script with the AddedToThisFile API.

Q&As about replication purge intervals and cutoff dates

How to track down where replication changes originate

You can reuse this code to search other dbs, or other types of document sin the NAB (server documents, holiday documents, etc)