Thursday, August 28, 2008

Domino 8.5 - Is it available for the public yet? Here's a link...

Yeah, it's not the source code but here's a link to the 8.5 help file (Admin, CLient, Traveler)


Linux vs Microsoft : Quebec Gov Sued For Ignoring Free Software

"The CBC is reporting that 'Quebec's open-source software association is suing the provincial government, saying it is giving preferential treatment to Microsoft Corp. by buying the company's products rather than using free alternatives. ...Government buyers are using an exception in provincial law that allows them to buy directly from a proprietary vendor when there are no options available, but Facil said that loophole is being abused and goes against other legal requirements to buy locally.' The group also has a press release in English."


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Anyone got infos (Documentation, PDF, etc) to integrate Domino and AtSignOn - RSA

ATSignOn enables secure access to Lotus databases, files and URL directories with two-factor authentication.

Hands on experience with product?
Things to watch?


Thank you,


IBM : Every New Car Will Be a Hybrid by 2020

That vision of the future is laid out in "Automotive 2020: Clarity Beyond the Chaos," (.pdf) by the IBM Institute for Business Value. The report, based on interviews with 125 auto industry executives in 15 countries, says the industry is on the cusp of revolutionary changes that will see environmental sustainability and technological innovation become top priorities as automakers respond to consumer demands for more efficient cars that don't sacrifice performance, comfort or reliability.


Cisco Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire PostPath

PostPath's Email and Calendaring Software to Enhance Cisco's WebEx Collaboration Platform

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - August 27, 2008) - Building upon its commitment to provide a comprehensive collaboration portfolio, Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) today announced its intent to acquire privately held PostPath, Inc., a provider of innovative email and calendaring software. Based in Mountain View, Calif. with additional development operations in Sofia, Bulgaria, PostPath will enhance the existing email and calendaring capabilities of Cisco's WebEx Connect collaboration platform.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

HP Completes $13.9 Billion Acquisition of EDS

HP today announced that it has completed its acquisition of Electronic Data Systems Corporation (EDS), creating a leading force in technology services.

With this acquisition, initially announced on May 13 and valued at an enterprise value of approximately $13.9 billion, HP has one of the technology industry's broadest portfolios of products, services and end-to-end solutions. The combined offerings are focused on helping clients accelerate growth, mitigate risks and lower costs.

The acquisition is, by value, the largest in the IT services sector and the second largest in the technology industry, following HP's acquisition of Compaq, which closed in 2002. The companies' collective services businesses, as of the end of each company's 2007 fiscal year, had annual revenues of more than $38 billion and 210,000 employees, operating in more than 80 countries.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Documents related to Reservation database (Set up, move, troubleshoot, etc)

Here's a list of documents related to the Reservation database from



Technotes related to archives and DWA.

Archive debug logging levels described for Lotus Notes and Domino

What are the various levels of archive logging available in IBM® Lotus Notes® and Domino® using notes.ini parameter "log_archiving="? What type of output does these settings produce?

About "log archiving=11"

Server crashes when running 'load compact -a' after setting archive parameter

Do folders in Domino Web Access display an unread documents count?

When using Lotus® Domino® Web Access, is there a way for you to know which folders contain unread documents? Can the folder display a count of the number of unread documents within the folder?

Archive files accessed through DWA only on home mail server The administrator has assigned a policy to archive data but if the policy specifies to archive on a server other than the home mail server, users cannot access the archive file.

Does Domino Web Access support the use of policies? Is the use of Policies supported with
Lotus® Domino® Web Access (iNotes? Web Access)?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Notes 8.5 - Web Application templates - What will it be?

I wonder what are those web applications...
From the blog entry Link
Will it be one of those?? From Rocky Oliver's blog entry
Community Question: What templates do you want today?

Any news?? - Notes 8 installation fails when Notes data directory resides on network file share

Do someone have a real working workaround for this problem?

Look at my link in this post: Link


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How to automatically run an agent on a Domino server at startup

You want an agent to automatically run each time a Lotus Domino® server starts up. How can this be accomplished?


Menu mappings: Where to find Notes 6/7 menus that have changed in Notes 8.x

This technote maps menu choices in Notes 6.x/7.x to the equivalent menu choices in Notes 8.x


Frequently Asked Questions: Using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with Notes/Domino

This document answers the most frequently-asked questions about using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and the Certificate Authority (CA) process with Lotus Notes/Lotus Domino, with links to additional resources.


HSBC and BlackBerry

One of the most important financial company in the world will choose the BlackBerry instead of the IPhone. They have more than 200 000 employees equipped with a BB.

Link In french,


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

If you need to clean up your screen

Lotus Inotes on Apple IPhone...Planned for delivery in 2008

Bring IBM® Lotus® Domino® email, calendar, and contacts to your Apple iPhone. Planned for delivery in 2008 as IBM Lotus iNotes™ software, Lotus Notes data will combine with the flexibility and connectivity of the Apple iPhone. To be built on the time tested IBM Lotus Domino Web Access infrastructure, users will be able to quickly access email, calendars, and contacts through the rich Apple iPhone user experience.



What ACL rights should be granted to a Domino system administrator

What ACL rights should be granted to a Domino system administrator

Your Lotus® Domino® environment is maintained by a team of system administrators, and you need to grant only the minimum level of database access control to each member that is absolutely required for her to fulfill her duties.

What are the guidelines for granting ACL-level access to Domino system administrators?

Monday, August 11, 2008

A few good technotes

IBM Lotus Notes Traveler 8.0.1 - Troubleshooting

MustGather: Email/PIM synchronization problems with Lotus Notes Traveler

Mail rule issues with Notes/Domino mail template

Unable to print or export from the Files tab in the Domino Administration Client

How to run NSD manually for Notes running on a Citrix server

Password changes fail in consolidated Names & Address Book

Enhancement Request to have the "Update My Meetings Button" document transferred to early versions of Resource template

When is the AdminP "Accelerated Create Replica" feature used?

Creating a new replica sets all documents to unread if the creator has Manager access to the database

When do changes made to the current document, using back-end classes, refresh on screen?

Lotus product support for Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC)

DWA: What iNotes template build ships with each Domino server?

Server Health Monitoring tool not generating reports in dommon.nsf

Personal groups automatically expand to list all members

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