Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lotus Notes : April Fools' pranks

Hey admins! A funny one, just add this line (Or a similar message) to the QueryOpen event of the memo form:

Msgbox "You mail file is corrupt, your computer may be infected by W32/Conficker.worm" ,0+16,"Microsoft error 80004005"

Every time a person will create\read a memo, he will get this message

Disclaimer: Do this on a friend's mail file :-)

Troubleshooting Notes client

Have you ever encountered a problem where only ONE user have. He's the only one who's able to reproduce the problem. If you add the db on your workspace, you're never able to reproduce his issue. He's the only one to have a particular error message that doesn't even exist in your application.
I'm currently training a new guy in our team. So, here's my little troubleshooting steps that I gave him:

For example, if the problem occurs with his mail file

Clean up the workspace!!

  • Remove all the mail file icons from the workspace
  • Close Notes
  • Delete the cache.ndk
  • Reopen Notes
  • Compact the workspace and re-add the mail file
Test again

Almost 100% of the time, you will get good result.
If it doesn't work, you may have , on rare occasion, to delete and recreate the bookmark.nsf file.

  • Look also, if the client have the right version of the Personal Address Book. (Ex: Do he have the ($Policies) view).
  • Look for any unused ports (Com1,Com2,LAN0). Disable them from the location documents and from the File\preferences\User preferences... (Ports tab).
  • Look for any connections to old servers.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Microsoft must disclose its contracts with the state

that occurs when you learn that the Ministry of Education has just assign Microsoft a contract of 1.32 million without competitive bidding. (The Ministry of Education will pay $ 733 per license (1800 users) for the use of Microsoft Office 2007.)

In French

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Integrating MS Project with Lotus Notes

Another project i'm working on. An integration between Ms-Project and Lotus Notes. Based on the example of John Head, I've worked my way in it. It's working very well.
Actually, I have a project management database that I export to MSP. The fields to export are pre-defined in my script but I want to make it dynamic via a configuration document to map the fields to export to the correct column in Ms-Project. It could then work with any Notes databases

Maybe it could be an interesting db for OpenNtf?


The deployment - How to scan 400 users's local Notes data files?

My db is finally done, I will deploy it to a few users next week.

How to scan 400 users's local Notes data files?
Random ReplicaID - Impact on servers? - Answer from IBM

From script, a way to differentiate a R5 bookmark file from a R6\R7 one?

Here's a few screenshots of the log.

Infos about the PAB ,the user and some disk space infos.

Infos about the PAB (Nb of documents, replace design done, ODS before an after, New repID, Adjust ACL)

Infos about the journal and Bookmark (Nb of documents, replace design done, ODS before an after, New repID, Adjust ACL)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Do I have to understand something?

I say this to my kids: If you call a friend and he's never available for you then it is probably because he don't want to play with you.

So, if I contact a supplier and I have no answers... Do I have to understand something?

From script, a way to differentiate a R5 bookmark file from a R6\R7 one?


From my series :How to scan 400 users's local Notes data files?
Is their a way to differentiate a R5 bookmark file from a R6\R7 one via script?

For example, for the personnal address book, there is a new view called ($Policies).

Is their any such design element in R6\R7 bookmark.

I have a script and I need an element that would help me identify a wrong bookmark and do a replace design if so.

Thank you,

Hockey - Randy Moller Goal Calls

So funny, Florida Panthers Radio Voice Randy Moller delivers the most entertaining goal EVER!



Friday, March 20, 2009

Random ReplicaID - Impact on servers? - Answer from IBM

From this post

Random ReplicaID - Impact on servers?

I've opened up a PMR about this issue, here's the answer:

The short answer to your question is that Domino will have no problems whatsoever with a replicaID that was generated manually-- provided it conforms to the correct format.

The main reason we use the date/time method to create ReplicaIDs is simply to avoid the generating duplicate ReplicaIDs. Once the ID has been generated, we don't really make use of the time information it contains going forward, so Domino will treat a ReplicaID created during File > Database > New, or one that was programatically set to 12345678:ABCDEF12, the Client and Server will treat them similarly.

The only issues that arise are if you inadvertantly try using a replicaID that aligns with either an existing replicaID, or if you come up with one that is reserved for one of the known Domain replicaIDs (such as that of admin4.nsf, events4.nsf, etc....). But, the shear number of possibile replicaIds makes this an EXTREMELY unlikely scenario to even consider.

I will be ok with my script

How to scan 400 users's local Notes data files?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

How to scan 400 users's local Notes data files?

We have a bunch of users (approx 400). They all have the same particular settings. So for that reasons, a few years ago, it was decided to have a ghost image of a single configuration that was duplicate accross those 400 users's computer. One of those files were the names.nsf, bookmark.nsf. ..(NSF,same replica ID).

Everything was working fine ...until lately. Some of those users(12) were converted to roaming users because they were given a new Blackberry.

When you activate a roaming profile, some files need to be replicate to the mail server.
General information and FAQ about Roaming User feature of Notes/Domino 6.0.x and 6.5.x

What happened? Every local files of those users were replicated to the server.

What happens when a database with the same replica ID as another one is put on a server?....It replicates!!!! So now, we now have 12 users, who shares the same names.nsf db (Remember the ghost image, with the same db). They all have the contacts of each others.
As long as those files were local, it was not a problem but now they are on a server.

What's next?

First, we need to fix the issue with the 12 users. easy.

Second, the thoughest part.

I need to scan every computers (400) for their local files (names and bookmark) and what's more fun, some of them don't have a journal.NSF needed in a roaming process.
So, my plan for Local files

1-Scan private address books, for names.nsf.
A- Look if they have the right version (Not old R4 template because they miss the ($Policies). This view is required to apply policies to your clients) , if not do a replace design from the master template

B- Scan all the documnts because a few years ago, a problem was present with some documents (The form name was incorrect over the Notes version Person, Business Card-Carte de visite.)

C -Try to compact the local address book, ...but it will fail (Address book : "could not be compacted at this time. The compact will be performed later.)
Replicas are not successfully generated during roaming upgrade process

D-Assign a new random replicaID

2- Scan the bookmark file
A-Assign a new random replicaID

3- Check for the existence of the journal.nsf db,
if it exist, assign a new random replicaID.
If not, create from the master template

About Random ReplicaID - Impact on servers?

Whoooooo, it will be fun!!!!

Abbreviations for BlackBerry Enterprise Server debug logs

From a post of my friend Gregg Eldred it had reminds me of this post about troubleshooting our issue

Abbreviations for BlackBerry Enterprise Server debug logs

BlackBerry Enterprsie Server 4.0 to 4.1 (Last Updated 13/12/2007)

ACNV = BlackBerry Attachment Conversion
ALRT = BlackBerry Alert
ASRV = BlackBerry Attachment Service
BBUA = BlackBerry User Admin Service
CBCK = Backup Connector
CEXC = Exchange Connector
CMNG = Management Connector
CNTS = Notes Connector
CONN = BlackBerry Synchronization Connector
CTRL = BlackBerry Controller
DISP = BlackBerry Dispatcher
HHCG = BlackBerry Configuration Tool
MAGT = BlackBerry Messaging Agent
MDAT = BlackBerry Mobile Data Service
MDBC = BlackBerry Database Consistency Service
MNGR = BlackBerry Manager
POLC = BlackBerry Policy Service
ROUT = BlackBerry Router
SYNC = BlackBerry Synchronization Service

Log file names are generated in the following format:



* Server-Name is the name of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server
* Abbreviation is the abbreviation for the log name (from the table above)
* Agent-Number identifies the log created for each agent (01 - 05)
* Date is the date the log is created
* Log-Iteration is a number assigned to a log each time the BlackBerry Enterprise Server is started. When the BlackBerry Enterprise Server is restarted, a new log is created, and the Log-Iteration number increases (for example, 0001, 0002, and 0003).

For example, a third log file for the BlackBerry Messaging Agent #2 is created on January 5, 2006, after the BlackBerry Enterprise Server named BES01 is restarted twice. The log file name is BES01_MAGT_02_20060105_0003.txt.


A BlackBerry Policy Service log file is created on December 31, 2005 for a BlackBerry Enterprise Server named RIMBES that has not been restarted. The log file name is RIMBES_POLC_01_20051231_0001.txt.

From Link

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Random ReplicaID - Impact on servers?

From this link, I know that a replica ID is the hexadecimal representation of the year, month, day, hour, minute, second of when a database was created, based on the local PC internal clock.

If I create a Notes db via my client, i will have a replica ID similar to this one

From the Surely template, i can generate a random replica ID but they are not similar or near the one that are generated form my Notes client (Ex :653727197F03D744, 4D76D17F0547609A, etc)

Does this have an influence on a server to have a replica ID that is not similar to "the rest of the mass"?

How to connect to Sharepoint from Notes?

I read with greeeeeeeeeeeat interests the posts from John Head about integration between Notes and Office. I've seen a few great demos that he have posted. One of them had an example about integration between Sharepoint and Notes. But the document doesn't seem to be available anymore.

I need to be able from Notes, to connect to a Sharepoint "site". I need to read informations (Mainly text and maybe extract attachments) . I know that it is mainly SQL but is there anything specific to be aware of?

I don't find anything specific on the subject, I always find the opposite way, a connection from SharePoint to Notes. Do someone, have examples or reference site on the subject.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Why is it important to keep copies of your old databases - Agile

A few weeks ago I did a development for a client. I did the rollout, everything was fine. In the course of the development, the client changed his mind a few times. After a few weeks, I've delivered "THE final version".
Now , my client is asking me a new functionality that I had proposed a few months ago in the course of the development, At that time , he said No, it's not important and useful.

With the Agile approach (By the way, great post of Tony Palmer Agile what is it and should I care ?), I did a few versions of the database, letting the client do his tests. Many of those versions were deleted from the development server over the last months.

But, I'm a freak, so I keep many version of my development projects on my servers.

Guess what? My client is asking me the new functionality that I had proposed months ago...By chance, i still have a local copy of that version!

So , it is important to keep copies of your old databases

Technote : DAOS Backup and Restore

Question : How do I do back up and restore data on a Domino system that uses DAOS?

DAOS Backup and Restore